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    What can FlexiDBot do for you?

    There are so many reasons to love Slack. For us, the best thing about Slack is that we can integrate it with other apps so easily.

    We couldn’t resist trying it out for ourselves… so we’re creating our own FlexiDBot.

    We’ll have a demo version to show at WordCamp Phoenix, and we’re expecting to release it by the end of October as a beta.

    The advantage of FlexiDBot is that it can link to any FlexiDB database. It works just like any other front end that connects to FlexiDB, like WordPress or mobile apps.

    At WCPHX we’ll show our demo version connecting to various different databases, and getting data back.

    We also have a plugin for FlexiDB. This means you can link Slack notifications to database events. For example, if you have a FlexiDB form for capturing bugs, you can send a notification to your development channel in Slack to let them know.

    If you want to know when the beta version is ready watch this space, or email Tess for a personal reminder.

    We’re also keen to know what database features you’d like for Slack. How about charts or wizards? We’re open to suggestions. Tell Tess.

  • A flexible database bot for Slack